Winslow Systems Limited

An I.T. services provider your business can depend on.

We help businesses leverage information technology to solve problems and take advantage of opportunities.

Our approach is highly customized based on the unique needs presented by each client.  We don’t want to sell you one particular sort of box, or some certain service.  We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to I.T. at all.  We do believe the right technology can deliver tremendous strategic value to your business.  Therefore, we want to invest the time to get to know you and understand your unique situation.  Once we understand more about your business, we will start to work with you to suggest and deploy solutions that will have a positive impact for your business.


Consulting Services:

  • Cloud Architecture
    (Private, Hybrid and Public)
  • Cloud Engineering
    (Private, Hybrid and Public)
  • Infrastructure Engineering & Support
  • Security Architecture
  • Security Engineering

Here are some of our current favorite technologies to work with:

  • Automation
    • Microsoft PowerShell
  • Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS):
    • Google Cloud Platform
    • Amazon Web Services
    • Microsoft Azure
  • Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS):
    • Google GSuite
    • Microsoft Office 365
  • Software:
    • Microsoft Windows Server
    • Microsoft Exchange Server
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • VMware vSphere
  • Hardware:
    • Cisco (Networking)
    • Dell EMC (Servers / Storage / Networking)
    • Fortinet (Security / Networking)

If you are currently using technology other than what we have listed above, don’t worry.  We also have great working relationships with other firms who have specializations in areas we do not.  We are always happy to make referrals.

managed-servicesManaged Services:

Winslow Systems Limited offers our clients a variety managed services.  Don’t let the “managed services” term scare you. We are not the folks who keep calling your office wanting to sell you a cookie cutter managed services contract for everything with a power cord in your building.  Our approach to managed services is to work with you in a way that makes sense for you and your business.

In some cases that means we work with you on a simple hourly / as needed basis to supplement your current I.T. staff. In other cases that means we create a custom managed services agreement where we take care of properly managing portions of your technology for you on a continuing basis. Regardless of your needs, we will work with you to come up with a flexible solution that works well for you and your business.

Hosted Services:

We also offer a variety of fully managed hosted services.  These are delivered from data center space we lease in high quality data center facilities based in Atlanta GA, Houston TX, Chicago IL and multiple large public cloud providers.

  • Managed Server Hosting
  • Disaster Recovery Site Hosting

valuesCore Values:

We rely on our core values to guide the way we operate our business.

  • The Golden Rule – Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  We are not going to suggest that you do something that we would not do ourselves if we were in your position.
  • Quality – If we don’t believe we can deliver a high quality service to you, we will simply refer you to someone we think can better assist you.  We would prefer to have a very satisfied smaller number of clients and projects than a large number of clients who are either apathetic or unhappy with our service.
  • Honesty – We pride ourselves in giving honest advice.  Sometimes that means that we recommend things to our clients which do not benefit us as much as possible alternatives.  That is why we are 100% vendor neutral.
  • Integrity – When you trust the heart of your business (your data) to a company, you want a company with rock solid integrity.
  • Value – We believe that our clients should receive an excellent value for the money that they pay us.  We are certainly not the least expensive option (we usually are not the most expensive either), however we do believe that we provide an excellent value.
  • Clarity – The information technology world can be very confusing.  Our goal is to serve as a guide and help clearly explain technology in terms our client can understand.  This enables you to make good business decisions.
  • Performance – At the end of the day you need technology you can depend on.

differentWhat makes us different?

Obviously, we are not the only I.T. services provider who could help you.  So, why choose us?

  • Values – Our entire business is driven by our clearly articulated values.  When a company articulates its values you have a standard to hold them to.  We welcome you to hold us accountable to our values.
  • Stability – We have been serving lots of happy clients since 2002.  Our history of stability and satisfied clients insures you that we will be here when you need us.
  • Availability – We will always do our best to be available when you need us.  We may not always be instantly available.  However, we do our best to answer your requests quickly and efficiently.  We will always return your calls or emails as promptly as possible.
  • Professionalism – We provide technology consulting and services, but we also speak and act like professional business people.
  • Ownership – When you work with us you will be working with the people who own the company.  We are a privately owned company, and the only employees we have are owners.  You will work directly with people who have a direct interest in providing you with quality service.
  • Commitment to your satisfaction – We have a track record of satisfied clients.  When we do work for you we give you a 100% percent guarantee that you will be satisfied with the service we provide.  If not – we will work until you are satisfied.  If for any reason we can not make you happy, we will not expect you to pay us.   It is that simple.
  • Billing – Many small I.T. consulting firms ask you to pay as soon as work is completed, or worse yet in advance of work being done.  With us you will ALWAYS be billed NET 30 after the completion of the work, or based on the terms in your service contract or services agreement.
  • Vendor Neutrality – We will recommend the best technology for the need at hand.  When we recommend hardware or software, you can purchase it directly from the manufacturer or a reseller of your choosing.  This arrangement assures that you can be confident that we are recommending a solution because we believe it is the best one for you, not because it is the solutions that maximizes our profit.

Ready to get started?

If you believe that we could help your organization please feel free to contact us using the contact information below.  We look forward to the opportunity to get to know you and see if there is an opportunity for us to work with you to have a positive impact on your business.

What our clients are saying:


David is the rare consummate professional with best of breed abilities and reliability. I have had the pleasure of working with David for 14 years without a break and on numerous occasions, David has proven his expertise in network and security management. He has earned my implicit trust and respect.

Deepak Massand
CEO, Litera Corp.

David Winslow is has such a deep and knowledgeable experience on all things technology related. He is very personable and all-around one of the most outstanding people I have had the pleasure to work with. David has provided insight into various technology projects I have worked on, and always thinks outside the box, but can stay focused on quality and service. I can assure any customer will be highly satisfied with David’s work and expertise.

Daniel Doby
Director of Server Technologies, Premier Inc.

David Winslow is an invaluable asset to our company. His guidance and expertise have provided us with scalable and practical solutions to build and maintain our corporate network. His professionalism and integrity are second to none!

Tammy Caudle
IT Director, Partnership Property Management

David and I have had a couple mutual clients over the several years that I have known him. Professionally, I consider him an expert among experts in his field. He understands what he practices at a very low level and has a real skill for conveying his knowledge at an high level, accessible to all, and without pretension. Personally, I’ve come to know him well enough to know that he is as authentic as they come. Without reservation I recommend that anyone who has IT infrastructure needs trust David with their project. He is the very first recommendation on my list.

Brandon Burke
Owner / Developer, Analytics for Lawyers
I have worked both with David, and for David for many years. David is a well respected by his clients and his peers alike. David is a businessman of utmost integrity. Just like his technical skills, David also has great communication skills. David does what he says he will do and does it when he says he will do it. I highly recommend David’s work. I would work with or for David again in the future without hesitation!
Todd Bartlett
President, Windstream Technology Group

In my 18+ years as an IT Manager I have only come across a handful of engineers who consistently impressed me with their technical knowledge and strength of character. I count David Winslow as one of those engineers.

David is a dedicated, ambitious, results driven individual and he consistently delivers results and offers excellent advice across a variety of technologies and situations! He is great in dealing with difficult situations and a fantastic problem solver. I recommend him to anyone looking to overlay significant technical expertise involving Disaster Recovery technologies, Virtualization technologies, Exchange, Active Directory, Security, Cloud services, and Networking.

David would be an incredible asset to any organization.

Sean Scott
CIO, Litera Corp.

David is, in my humble opinion, an IT guru with no equal. His knowledge an expertise in all things related to IT is absolutely critical in keeping our business running smoothly and professionally. His personality and genuine sincerity to do the job above and beyond expectation is an added bonus. Finding an IT expert that can easily interact with employees, vendors and clients is rare. I don’t make any decision in regards to our IT infrastructure without consulting David. From purchasing laptops, configuring email and operations servers, to security and software compliance, David handles it all and more. I was hesitant to write this recommendation because quite frankly I don’t want to share him with anyone else. He is that good.

Chris Alford
VP/GM, ON Event Services

My company hired David Winslow upon start-up to manage our FTP site at the recommendation of a colleague; it was the best advice he could have given me. Now, almost eight years later, we also have Winslow Systems managing other services for us at Diana Parrish Design and Photography. He has always been on top of things and provides service from a proactive position. In all the years of this fast-paced studio business, when we had an outage or the FTP site wasn’t operating as it should – the problem was never Winslow’s – it was always the internet service provider. How can someone provide a service that is affected by so many variables and yet NEVER fail you in nearly eight years?! I know it is the invisible work he does that maintains the excellent service he provides us. He is brilliant and always at the ready to help when we need him. I could not recommend anyone more wholeheartedly than David Winslow.

Diana Parrish
President, Diana Parrish Design and Photography

I have used David for all my Network and Infrastructure needs for all my clients and our own company needs for my current company at Banerasoft Inc and my earlier companies, ZTec Ventures Ltd and NotionMusic Inc.

David is an excellent Network and Infrastructure provider. When I go to bid on a project normally small and mid companies want me to be a Single point for all their IT needs which would include software development and Infrastructure needs. At Banerasoft Inc we focus primarily on all Software needs and David is our business partner for all the infrastructure and network needs that our client would have. He has done such a fabulous job for us that we at Banerasoft overall through and through have a great reputation of addressing ALL the IT needs to our clients with high quality and tooth comb precision.

I will be continuing to use David as our business partner for Network and Infrastructure portions of our Client projects and would strongly advise and recommend his services to anyone who has such requirements.

Rahm Sethuraman
Founder/Chief of Technology, Banerasoft Inc.